Virtual Spam Prevention
for Windows

Halon has the solution to e-mail threats such as spam, viruses and malwares.

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Virtual Spam Prevention Description

Halon has the solution to e-mail threats such as spam, viruses and botnet outbreaks. Available at an astonishingly low price. Give it a try; download the VSP virtual appliance or request an evaluation SPG hardware appliance. If you are interested in our technologies, please, read on.

Collaborative Botnet Protection
The SPG and VSP appliances are members of the GlobalView network; a connection-level, real-time, cooperative zombie and botnet detection network.By globally detecting and synchronizing Outbreak information, treats such as spam, phishing, unknown viruses and distributed attacks are avoided at the connection. For example, GlobalView typically block 90% spam, without affecting genuine messages.

Outgoing Distribution Control
With the advantages of running your own e-mail service, comes the necessity of preserving good reputation, and the responsibility of not distributing spam and viruses. Fortunately, SPG and VSP features outgoing mode. In case of an employee connecting an infected laptop at the office, the Halon appliance will Prevent it from using your e-mail service to distribute spam, viruses, et cetera. This is fully transparent, as the appliance relays authentication and recipient information from your E-Mail Server, on the fly. Enabling this is as easy as checking a box in the VSP installation.

Goodbye False Positives, Hello Fuzzylogic
You will save a great deal of time, and money, by not having to look for genuine messages in the spam folder. The SPG and VSP won't say a message is spam just because someone wrote "v*agra" in it. Instead, Halon appliances look at what does not change; the spammer's behavior. Parameters such as sender and structure is compiled into a fuzzy-logic signature, compared against ongoing spam outbreaks detected by global collectors. Be prepared to get impressed.

Virtual Spam Prevention Screenshots

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What's New in Virtual Spam Prevention

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Virtual Spam Prevention Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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